DMSIDesign Maintenance Systems Incorporated (DMSI) is possibly the only software company that has successfully brought together maintenance management, work orders, predictive maintenance, data collection and analysis, and asset basic care in a single offering.

Copperstate/DMSI clients benefit by having automatic integration of what normally constitutes three separate software systems (EAM/CMMS, PdM, and TPM/inspection systems). Other companies have strengths in individual areas, but Deign Maintenance Systems Inc Maintelligence product is unique in having the complete package (both products and service capability) in a single system.

Maintelligence can be used to

  • Increase manufacturing capacity and quality
  • Reduce costly repairs and emergency breakdowns
  • Decrease accidents and improve plant safety
  • Comply with regulatory requirements such as OSHA, EPA, ISO 9000, and QS
  • Organize and track inventory and inventory locations, purchasing and receiving
  • Increase the operational life of machinery, equipment and facilities.
    Decrease downtime / increase uptime and make better decisions based on up-to- date information.

Please contact Copperstate Technical Solutions to discuss how Maintelligence can work for you as well as compliment your existing CMMS system to increase your productivity and reliability. We will be happy to discuss and arrange an on line demonstration.