All-Test Pro

All-Test ProAll-Test Pro, LLC is an industry leading manufacturer of advanced predictive maintenance testing tools for AC and DC motors in both energized and de-energized applications. Additionally some models can be used to test transformers and generators. All-Test Pro products and equipment are used around the world in supporting reliability programs in commercial, government and military applications.

In just a few minutes the All test Pro analyzer will give the technician information on connections, contamination issues, winding shorts, the condition of the stator and rotor bars, air gap, insulation to ground faults and more. All test Pro de-energized instruments apply a low voltage, non-destructive AC signal through the motor windings and measure the
response to these signals. The differences in these responses are run through the proven algorithms in the analyzer and give the operator a easy to understand “health report” of the motor. This complete “motor health report” can then be utilized to schedule motor changes, coordinate maintenance schedules and most importantly eliminate unplanned outages.

Energized models can gather the same information in a safe manner by utilizing the permanently installed All Safe Pro connection box. This unit allows the technician to gather critical information on motor health from a safe location and without interrupting production.