CorDEXCorDEX is a world leader in the design and manufacture of intrinsically safe equipment and instrumentation. At the CorDEX facility the engineers are dedicated to designing products that help keep operators safe while allowing technicians to “get the job done” properly and completely without putting themselves in danger.

The owner and chief designer of CorDeX was instrumental in bringing a low cost and effective infrared window to the world. This product in itself enhanced electrical inspection safety of high voltage equipment around the world. These windows are still current and used currently across the globe. Additionally CorDEX now offers low cost fully automated infrared inspection systems for both electrical and process application.

A key factor in making a hazardous work environment safe is excellent lighting. After seeing a need for this, CorDex designers engineered a full complement of intrinsically safe lighting systems. Going hand in hand with the ability to enter and work in a hazardous environment is the ability to safely document the inspectors findings and results. Once again CorDEX engineers saw the problem and designed the answer. These answers are handheld and fixed mounted infrared ad visual cameras designed specifically for use in environments that require intrinsically safe equipment.

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