Flir Systems

Flir SystemsIn the world of Thermal imaging, Flir Systems is synonymous with the premier infrared cameras available today.  Flir Systems is a U.S. based company who produces cameras for multiple applications. Among these are the well-known military and firefighting cameras. These products help keep our troops and first responders safe while they keep us safe. This same infrared technology is used to manufacture the premier predictive maintenance and facilities cameras in use today. These cameras will quickly and easily allow the technician to locate items such as loose lugs on energized switchgear, overheated couplings, bearings and motors. Infrared will allow you to
locate and fix the issue before it causes an unplanned outage and shuts down your production.

Regardless of the size or type of your facility, the Flir Systems infrared camera will very quickly become the most utilized inspection and verification tool in your inventory.

Flir cameras range in resolution from a 60x 80 detector (low cost and perfect for building envelope and large target inspections) up to the 1024 x 1024 detector which gives the ultimate in long distance resolution. These larger arrays couples with application specific lenses are very often the answer for the transmission line inspector or any application that demands the highest level of resolution possible.

No matter what your industrial inspection or monitoring application calls for, Flir Systems infrared cameras offer more models and features than all the other brands combined.

Copperstate Technical Solutions has close to 20 years of experience in infrared technologies.  Please contact us at any time to discuss your application, get training on your existing camera and/or if we can assist in any way.