Diagnostic capability is the heart of any reliability system. Effective diagnostics pinpoint assets that are operating in “out-of-normal” condition, and may be in danger of unexpected failure, in a timely manner for quick and effective response.They are a key tool for building return on program investment, increasing management and employee support, optimizing production and decreasing downtime. Simply stated, a key element in any reliability system.

MAINTelligence was designed with a diagnostic engine as the heart of its integration capability. MAINTelligence, through its full data integration, allows the viewing and analysis of key data sets (oil, vibration, visual, thermography, work history, parts usage etc.) at the same time. MAINTelligence’s open architecture allows the user to extend the use of this diagnostic capability to almost any type of data that can be collected in an industrial operation. MAINTelligence provides in-depth diagnostic tools such as:

  • Customizable Reports that can include any of the integrated data side-by-side with images and graphs.
  • Configurable Graphs that allow the user to change attributes and views to find the answers.
  • Rule-Based Condition Assessment that provides automatic diagnostics suggesting the answers.
  • Open Architecture to import/export data from/to other data collection devices to complete the puzzle.