The Liberator by DMSI

DMSI Maintelligence Enhancements

The Liberator

The Liberator by DMSI

Wireless vibration data collection accessory enables a simple to use and efficient vibration solution, which can be used by practically anyone to collect readings on all plant equipment, enhancing your Operator Basic Care program as well as your Predictive Maintenance program. The Liberator connects wirelessly with Bluetooth technology to any MAINTelligence handheld with InspectCE software, providing the ability to collect inspection route data with acceleration, velocity, and displacement readings (overall / FFT / Time waveform) and demodulation readings (overall). Designed for low power consumption, the Liberator 502 can be used all day on a single charge. The Liberator 502 comes supplied with an accelerometer, but it can be used with any standard industrial accelerometer or can be hooked into switchboxes to take data from permanently mounted sensors.



InfoBoard by DMSI

InfoBoard acts as an enterprise dashboard designed to manage operations, maintenance, and reliability efforts, with five dashboard panes displaying a first-alert view of critical conditions in easy-to-read, color-coded graphs, charts, and tables. In addition, powerful filters let users customize all displays, viewing data in a streamlined format that prioritizes and highlights the information that matters most.InfoBoard enables all Maintenance and Reliability professionals to visualize the complete asset health picture of the plant or organization – and at a single glance.


Condition Assessment Module for MAINTelligence

Condition Assessment Module for Maintelligence

The optional Condition Assessment Module for MAINTelligence is like adding in a full team of maintenance and reliability specialists – as the system reviews and analyzes large amounts of machinery vibration, lubrication and inspection data, using a series of high performance diagnostic modules. The Condition Assessment Module analyzes data from multiple disciplines simultaneously – allowing more than one monitoring methodology to be used to confirm the diagnosis of the machine’s condition. The Condition Assessment Module can automate repetitive tasks and reduce oversight needed for output generation through our customizable diagnostic rule-based system. The Maintelligence Condition Assessment Module will absolutely assist you in making the best decisions possible or your facility.