Reliability Centered Maintenance Training

Copperstate Technical Solutions offers a wide variety of reliability centered maintenance training classes. We take pride that our students get a practical understanding of the technology and leave the class fully capable of performing the required operations. Please contact us for pricing and schedules.

  • INFRARED TRAINING: Copperstate offers multiple ways to learn and educate your technicians in infrared technology; in conjunction with Jay Bowen ( we offer infrared training certification, classes for Levels 1,2 and 3 as intro classes for the occasional thermographer, refresher classes and specific application classes. These are one to four day classes customizable classes designed to fit any infrared training requirement. Additionally, we can work with you on infrared program design, implementation and long term support as needed.
    • We are proud to offer the full spectrum of infrared training (levels 1, 2, and 3) from the Infrared Training Center.  The ITC offers more classes (both open seating and company specific) in different locations than any other infrared specific training institution worldwide.
    • The ITC instructs in other thermographic specialties as well.  Among these specialty certification classes, you will find topics such as Furnace Inspection, Aerial Inspection, Roof Inspection, Building Investigation, Home Inspection, Electrical Applications, Mechanical and Rotating Equipment, and more.
    • One critical application the ITC instructs in is optical gas imaging. This important technology is used for locating hydrocarbon and other potentially harmful or hazardous gas leaks. Locating and repairing these leaks not only prevents injuries and saves capital dollars, it also helps save our environment. The ITC has specialist instructors to teach these highly important classes.
  • ULTRASOUND CERTIFICATION – Level 1 (4 day course)
    In full accordance with the classroom requirements of ASNT recommended practice, SNT-TC- 1A and in accordance with ISO 18436-8 , the UE Systems Level 1 course includes 32 hours of instruction, daily quizzes and a written final examination. Additionally students must show competence with using both airborne and contact ultrasound equipment in hands on situations. This is a comprehensive classroom course in which the theory, principles and practices of Airborne Ultrasound Technology are taught and reviewed. Items covered include locating air/steam and gas leaks, bearing lubrication monitoring, electrical safety and corona inspection, steam trap inspection and more. Instructors for this course have been selected for their outstanding comprehension, experience and technical expertise in the field of Airborne/Structure Borne Ultrasound. This is the perfect course for anyone wanting to learn, understand and be able to use ultrasound technology in an industrial environment.
  • ULTRASOUND CERTIFICATION – Level 2 (4 day course)
    Level II is an advanced course. Students must meet Level I requirements before enrolling.This 4 day/32-hour course is designed and taught to meet the intent of SNT-TC- 1A and is in accordance with ISO 18436-8. Students successfully completing this course are familiar with the capabilities and limitations of Airborne/Structure Borne Ultrasonic Inspection. Additionally they will be able to set up and calibrate and operate equipment, interpret and analyze results with respect to the application. The student will also be instructed on how to organize and report inspection results. Course content consists of advanced theory, inspection logistics, data collection, data and sound analysis, writing procedures, and generating reports. A general, specific, and practical test is given at the end of the course and must be passed to receive certification.