Flir E75 Infrared Camera

E Series Cameras

Accuracy and Simplicity Combined

Flir E75 E Series CamerasFlir E series cameras cover most applications from the professional thermographer utilizing the E95 across the scale to the trouble shooting electrician/mechanic or building envelope professional using a E4, Flir manufactures the correct tools and the highest quality infrared cameras to fit your application and get the job done.

All Exx cameras utilize a 17micron pitch uncooled microbolometer detector to give you crisp resolution. Additionally all cameras in this series come complete with a 5mp visual camera. This allows for picture in picture blending of both the visual and thermal image. This feature combined with the on board voice and text recording helps ensure the thermal issue is easily identifiable by all involved parties.

  • E95-161,472 measurement points (464x 348 pixels) measure temps to 2732F with time lapse
  • E85-110,592 measurement points(348 x 288 pixels) measure temps to 2192F
  • E75-76,800 measurement points (320 x 240 pixels) measure temps up to 1200f

Low cost and simplicity are the basis for the E4, E5, E6,and E8 E series cameras. They combine fixed focus with measurement capability up to 482f to easily deal with most industrial applications. The always in focus E series cameras are the perfect tool for both trouble shooting and thermal evaluation of electrical and rotating equipment. All cameras in this series have a fixed 45d x 34d field of view lens. This wide angle assists the inspector in achieving a faster and more detailed inspection.

  • E8 – 76,800 measurement points (320 x 240) with .06c sensitivity.
  • E6 – 19,440 measurement points (160 x 120) with .06c sensitivity.
  • E5 – 10,800 measurement points (120 x 90) perfect for larger objects such as motors.
  • E4 – 4,800 measurement points (60 x 80) excellent for insulation and roof inspection.

We have over 20 years of infrared experience. Please contact Copperstate Technical Solutions to discuss your application. Please contact us to discuss your application and options.

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