Flir T Series Camera

T Series Cameras

Flir T Series CamerasThe Flir T series Cameras are professional level all the way. This series is comprised of three different versions all based on the rotating camera block design. This proven design allows for less operator fatigue which results in superior inspections. Combine this with a host of additional features and a choice of resolutions and thermal levels and you have the infrared camera used by thermography professionals worldwide.

  • T1K/T1020 – 786,432 measurement points (1024 x 786) with .02 sensitivity. This is the camera you want when extreme resolution and sensitivity is required. The T1K/1020 is the camera you want when you are dealing with small targets at extended distances.
  • T660/640/620 – 308,160 measurement points (640×480). This platform and resolution level is the most common professional level camera in use today. These cameras combine professional plus resolution and analysis tools with multiple documentation choices to make this series of camera perfect for the professional thermographer.
  • T600 – 172,800 measurement points (480 x 360). Combine this with a thermal sensitivity factor of .04 degrees and you have one fantastic and economically priced camera.
  • T540 – 161,474 measurement points(464 x 348). With built in thermal ranges from -4f to 2732f, there will not be much if anything you cannot measure. A top choice where measurement of high temps is a requirement.
  • T530 – 76,800 measurement points (320 x 240). The T530 is possible the best mix of quality thermal imaging and low cost available. The T530 comes standard with measurement capability from 32f to 1202f with optional calibrations to 2192f available.