All-Test Pro 5

All-Test Pro 5 D-Energized Testing at its Finest

All-Test Pro 5 in useThe ALL-TEST PRO 5 tests both AC and DC motors as well as induction, servo, brushless DC, synchronous, wound rotors and single phase motors. The health of all motor components is evaluated, including, but not limited to: induction windings and rotors; DC field windings and armatures; and field and rotor coils in synchronous motors. Additionally, single and 3-phase transformers, both pole and pad mounted, are also perfectly suited for evaluation with the portable and rugged All-Test Pro 5.

With a memory storage capacity for well over 600 tests, the ALL-TEST PRO 5 has complete motor trending data accessible at the touch of a button. Test results are easily uploaded to your computer and our MCA Pro™ software provides expert diagnosis, trending complete with a wide variety of reports. Software is available for individual, group or enterprise users.

  • Complete stator & rotor analysis – detect faults in AC & DC motors, transformers and generators
  • Auto diagnosis within instrument – immediate and simple to understand health status report
  • Ideal for predictive maintenance with the route based testing and trending tools
  • Testing can be performed from distances of more then 1,000 feet away
  • Report shows the complete electrical health of the motor including faulty connections, winding & turn faults, air gap problems, broken rotor bars, contamination issues and ground faults