All Test Pro 31

The All-Test Pro 31 goes far beyond what you can see with a Meg-Ohm-Meter!

Think of the All-Test Pro 31 as a “Motor Multimeter”. It is portable, lightweight, durable and will provide valuable feedback after only 60 seconds of testing.

The All-Test Pro 31 is the perfect tool for trouble shooting, start-up & quality control of AC/DC Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers.

  • Detects turn-to- turn, coil to coil, and phase to phase faults plus open phases
  • Performs a 1 minute rotor test
  • Detects contaminated windings; grease, dirt and liquids
  • Measures phase balance and displays percent unbalance
  • “Megs” the motor at 500 or 1000 VDC
  • A powerful tool for both troubleshooting, and commission testing of new motors
  • Installed motors can be tested from the MCC through even hundreds of feet of cable
  • Optional Condition Calculator 4.0 software lets you record test results on your computer, and provides automated diagnostics and printed reports.

The All-Test Pro 31 device provides much more insight into the motor’s condition than a megger. If you test or troubleshoot motors, you need this motor tester in your tool box!

Stop the guess work and get an All-Test Pro today!  Contact us with any questions about ordering, troubleshooting or usage.