Remote Visual Inspection

How often have we needed to know if a valve was not completely closing?  How often have we guessed if a impeller or turbine blade was cracked. Making an incorrect call on any of these everyday examples could easily result in a catastrophic landslide shutting down production and possibly endangering personnel For these and similar applications, Remote
Visual Inspection is the answer. Copperstate Technical Solutions is proud to represent both Wohler and IT concepts remote visual inspection products from borescopes to fiberscopes to video image scopes. These are ruggedized optical instruments with features designed to fit your requirements. There are scopes available from just a few millimeters in diameter (designed for casting and small cavity inspection) to ones over an inch in diameter and lengths exceeding 100 ft. The longer and larger scopes are perfectly designed for larger diameter pipes, storage tanks and mixing vessels. With the proper remote visual inspection scope and light source, you will never need to “hope” everything is alright again. High
resolution inspection and documentation is always at hand with Copperstate Technical Solutions.

Additionally, these quality remote visual inspection scopes are incredibly effective in QC/QA applications such as casting inspection. It does not matter if you need to inspect the inside of a 36” pipe or a 2.5mm channel in a casting, Copperstate has the knowledge and range of equipment to deal with any and all remote visual inspection requirements.