IT Concept Videoscopes

New Videoscope System

Introducing the iRis DVR X light weight, portable Videoscope with 5″ display, advanced sensor technology, brighter LED white light, 6 hour high capacity battery, measurement, 32GB storage and much more at a low introductory price. Download Brochure.High resolution, true color, real-time video images. IT Concepts Videoscopes bring you true color, real time video images from deep inside pipes turbines and other inaccessible places. Images can be digitally freeze-framed, stored, retrieved, enhanced, transmitted and shared with PC’s.


The modularity of the iTool DVR Imaging Hub makes it a valuable inspection tool for Remote Visual Inspection. Designed with interchangeable iSeries Video Probes, the system can be adapted within seconds to your particular inspection requirements. More than 20 combinations of different probe diameters and lengths allow you to always use the best matching scope for each application. These modular Videoscopes are scalable and may be upgraded or retrofitted to meet your evolving needs. A solution that grows with you! Download Brochure.

In addition to a selection of probes IT Concepts offers a range of image displays, image management/documentation systems, light sources and accessories.

Compare Videoscope XTC Videocope iSeries  Videocope iSeries  UV Videocope
Probe Diameter 5.0mm 4.0mm/6.0mm/8.0mm      8.0mm
SProbe Articulation 2-way 4-way      4-way
Probe Length 1.0m – 3.0m 1.5m – 15.0m      on request
Probe Braid PU (Tungsten option) Tungsten on PU      Tungsten on PU
Probe Interchangeable yes       yes
Heat Resistant 140°C/ 284°F yes       yes
UV Inspections      yes
CCD Image Sensor yes        yes
CMOS Image Sensor yes
Smart Focus yes        yes
Interchangeable Lenses yes        yes
Integrated Fix Lens yes yes        yes
Sideview Adapter 90° yes        yes
Light Sources (Compatibility)
3W LED Light Source yes        yes
24W MH Light Source yes        yes
50W MH Light Source yes       yes
75W HA Light Source yes    yes
150W HA Light Source yes        yes
300W XE Light Source yes        yes
120W UV Light Source        yes
Documentation (Compatibility)
iTool DVR with Light Source yes yes        yes
iTool DVR w/o Light Source yes yes        yes
SlimDisplay yes yes       yes
Industrial Monitor yes yes        yes
PC/USB 2.0 Videograbber yes yes        yes