15000-touch-screenUltraprobe® 15,000 Touch Screen

The Future of Ultrasound Technology is One Click Away!

Truly an ultrasonic condition monitoring laboratory that fits in the palm of your hand, the Ultraprobe® 15,000 Touch is so sophisticated and so advanced, it’s easy to use.The center piece of the Ultraprobe 15,000 is touch screen technology. A true “full-service inspection system”, you will be amazed at how many different ways you can use it, as well as how many different applications it can be used for. Touch an icon and the world of ultrasonic inspection opens for you. 15k-back-w-screens
Main Screen

  • Decibels
  • Frequency
  • Record Number
  • Sensitivity Levels
  • Application

Touch the display to change sensitivity, frequency or view an Icon.

Spectral Analysis Display

  • Three views including: FFT • Time Series • FFT & Time Series
  • View/analyze sound samples on board as FFT, save sound, and even the image of the sound
  • Adjust the sample rate
  • All records are stored automatically on the SD card (after test is complete, you can conveniently remove the card from the instrument and load it into UE Systems data management software: Ultratrend DMS)
Temperature & dB

  • View dB
  • View intensity fluctuations on an indicator bar
  • View temperature (C or F)
  • Adjust emissivity for temperature accuracy
  • Record data
  • Download data and temperature to computer
camera-sml-2 screen_sml_w_image
Camera Display

  • Take a photograph
  • Zoom feature to capture a test point close up
  • Built in flash, which you can turn on or off
  • Store image data
  • Test Data imbedded into image for report enhancement

For a complete multi-media overview of the Ultraprobe® 15,000 Touch in action using all touch screens, please watch our informative flash video.

fft-facebld2-300 Spectral Analysis input-data-facebld2-300 Input Additional Test Data
view-record-facebold2-300 Historical Records route-facebold2-300 View Uploaded Route
db-facebold2-300 Temperature & dB save-facebold2-300 Store Test Data
camera-facebld2-300a Camera temp-facebold2-300 Temperature Display (no dB)
view-photo-facebold2-300 View Image and Take Photo valve-dsply-abcd-facebold2-3001 Valve/Steam Trap Test Display
display-facebold2-300 dB Display emissivity-facebold2-300 Emissivity Adjustments
setup-facebold2-300 Setup for Instrument Functions

Contact us for detailed overview of the Ultraprobe 15,000 Touch.