A Revolutionary new Vibration System


PlantWATCH consists of a specialized software system, combined with the iTi Technologies wireless data acquisition hardware. This provides a platform to monitor, trend, analyze and raise the alarm on early stage machine problems. This helps to eliminate unscheduled outages. Common early fault detection indicators (bearing and gear wear, lack of lubrication, excessive unbalance / misalignment, and coupling issues and electrical issues) can all have a dramatic impact on asset health, scheduled /unscheduled maintenance and equipment uptime.

The PlantWATCH system is engineered to quickly and easily set up multiple trend alarms based on a number of proven parameters – temperature, low mechanical vibration, medium / high vibration and high frequency demodulation trending. PlantWATCH also enables users to view trends for easy condition assessment, email notifications with trend spectrum data, customize fault frequency setup (including bearing, gear, fan, impeller, and other faults), as well as variable speed machine monitoring.

PlantWATCH software provides FFT Spectrum and time waveform trending, analysis and advanced alarm capability.

plantWatch diagram

  • Alarm capability includes an advanced learning feature
  • Ten user-configurable band alarms per sensor
  • Ten user-configurable trend alarms per sensor
  • Automatic alarm profile generator
  • Automated e-mail notification
  • Web – Internet communications