ITI MachineWatch

Vibration, Temperature and Voltage Monitoring in a ruggedized and portable package

The perfect solutions for those times when assets need to be monitored for a short-term evaluation or start up. The easy setup and flexibility of MachineWATCH is the solution.

With MachineWatch you will get

  • Vibration FFT spectrum and time waveform analysis
  • User-defined trends and reference spectrum overlay
  • A true and tested industrial strength package meeting the needs for mining, power generation, paper mill and other harsh manufacturing environments
  • Wireless monitoring capability
  • Remote monitoring capability over web connection
  • Built-in cellular communications

MachineWATCH package includes the following components:

  • Eight channel data acquisition for vibration, temperature and voltage
  • Cellular modem, remote analysis capability
  • NCA; network communications adapter, Ethernet and serial connection
  • BNC and Amphenol connectors for input channels
  • PlantWATCH/MachineWatch software included
  • Waterproof and shockproof case
  • Optional cables and sensors

In addition to MachineWatch, all you need to add are your application specific accelerometers, cables and any required mounting pads or magnets. For these parts we suggest CTC sensors, great products with a lifetime warranty.