CorDEX MN4000 Unit

CorDEX MN4000 Panel Mounted Monitoring System

CorDEX MN4000 installedThe CorDEX MN4000 panel mounted monitoring system-the perfect answer for your need to keep a constant watch on critical electrical gear while keeping your people safe.

The MN4000 utilizes both an infrared cameras as well as a visual camera (with LED lighting) to ensure you have a constant and complete fully radiometric information of what is going on inside your critical electrical enclosures 24/7.

By utilizing the power of the MN4000, you will free up your people from taking the time to travel to remote locations, suit up in protective equipment and set up tape barricades prior to performing the inspection.

With the MN4000 your electricians, inspectors and/or control room technicians can inspect the monitored equipment at any time, in total safety and via multiple methods. The most common inspection method would be remotely via MONITIR software or the onboard web server. This method would allow inspections from any computer or smart device with internet access.

For total automation the MN4000 can be incorporated into a PLC or SCADA system utilizing the supplied MODBUS/TCP protocols (prewritten PLC function blocks are supplied for most major manufacturers). By using this type of communication, the data from the MN4000 can be fully integrated into your plant control system.

The final way to see what is status is in the cabinet would be to utilize the built in LCD. By simply pressing the “on” button, your inspector will get a live image of the location being monitored, without putting themselves in a hazardous situation, impeding workflow traffic or needing to take the time to suit up in the required PPE.

For additional information on the CorDEX MN4000, please contact Copperstate Technical Solutions.