Ultraprobe® 2000 Ultrasonic Detection Kit

Complete with everything you need to for accurate route inspection, the Ultraprobe® 2000 kit includes:

ULTRAPROBE housing with Metered Pistol Grip, Ballistic Meter, Frequency Tuning Dial, Ten Turn Potentiometer, Numerically Calibrated Sensitivity Dial with Selection Lock, Bi-Modal Meter Selector switch, battery, battery indicator light, battery recharger receptacle and head set receptacle.

  • Trisonic scanning Module for locating airborne ultrasound such as pressure, vacuum and electrical leakage.
  • Rubber Focusing Probe for narrowing reception band of Scanning Module and for blocking out ambient ultrasound.
  • Stethoscope (contact type) Probe for monitoring internally generated ultrasound such as in bearings, steam traps and valves.
  • Deluxe Industrial noise reducing Headset.
  • Video Training Tape Program
  • Extension Probe Kit to increase Stethoscope contact range to 31 inches.
  • Warble Tone Generator with amplitude selection switch for use in Tone Test method.
  • Battery Recharge Kit for main housing and Warble Tone Generator.
  • Zero Halliburton aluminum carrying case


  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C & D
  • Exceeds ASTM-1002-05
  • Standards for ultrasonic leak detection
  • CE rated
  • EX Rated