Ultraprobe® 3000 Accessories

The following accessories are typically used with the Ultraprobe® 3000.

Headphones-with-back-UE-bar-200x149 DHC-2BT: BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES
Deluxe noise attenuating headphones – for hard hat use.
The DHC-2BT-TR Bluetooth transmitter must be ordered to pair with the headphones.BT-Transmitter-200x76
long-range-module-up3k LRM-3: LONG RANGE MODULE
Advanced technology from UE Systems and National Aeronautics and Space Administration brings distant leaks close-up. (like an ultrasonic telescope)
ras-mt-mag-trans-cable-up3k_200x169 UE-RAS-MT: REMOTE ACCESS SENSOR
Magnetically mounted contact probe with cable for testing consistency and for hard to reach test points.Must be used with remote access module (RAM) shown on far left and sold separately.
teleflex-6-22-1 TFSM-3 TELESCOPING & FLEXIBLE SCANNING MODULE with RAM (Remote Access Module)
Extend and Bend this probe to odd angles to locate sound sources in hard to reach areas.
(up to 56 in / 1.4 m)
up3000-holster-new HTS-3: HOLSTER SET
One for the Ultraprobe pistol, module and headphones, the other for accessories. Keeps hands free for walking routes and climbing up and down ladders.