UE Systems Ultraprobe 15000 Touch

Ultraprobe 15000 Touch

The Ultraprobe 15000 with touch screen – Cutting edge equipment for years to come

Ultrasound Inspection and documentation just got a whole lot simpler

What would the future be like if equipment was tested so effectively, so safely, so intuitively that catastrophic failure and energy waste became terms of the past?

For almost 30 years, the design engineers at UE Systems have been working on an ultrasonic detection system that combines state-of- the-art technology with each and every known plant inspection requirement (as indicated by our clients) – in order to create the ultimate portable ultrasonic condition monitoring laboratory.

  • Multiple data screens: dB/Temperature/Spectral Analysis.
  • Infrared spot temperature reading with emissivity adjustment-get additional data without an additional piece of equipment
  • Analyze your data with On-board Spectral Analyzer.
  • Visual camera – to enhance target identification and reporting and insure accuracy
  • Touch screen technology – for ease of use
  • Pinpoint locations with laser pointer – helps eliminate errors
  • Review alarm groups & generate reports
  • Store data, sounds, and images – with the ease of a touch
  • Review historical record data either in the field or on the computer at a later date/time

From the minute you hold this remarkable inspection system in your hand, you will realize you are working with the most technologically advanced ultrasonic instrument available today.

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