Micronics Portaflow 330 Clamp On Flow Meter

Utilizing advanced DSP technology, the Portaflow 330 (PF330) is the newest multi sensor portable flow measurement and recording system to be added to the Micronics range of equipment. The PF330 comes complete to quickly and easily measure flow in pipes ranging in size from .51” to 78” in diameter. Optional transducers will all for flow measurement in pipes up to 196” in diameter.

The PF330 displays instantaneous fluid flow rates or velocity, together with totalized values. It also incorporates a data logger that can record up to 98k events which can be output directly to a PC or printer or stored in the instrument’s memory for downloading at a later time.

A variable current or pulse output, proportional to the detected flow rate, is also produced by the PF330 which enables your instrumentation dept to interface the output with a range of external control devices such as those found in building management or site monitoring systems.

The PF330 is user friendly and designed to be operated with minimal training. An interactive QuickStart menu, which simplifies system installation, together with minimal set-up requirements, means that the system can be installed and utilized within minutes. Furthermore, the application parameters for a particular site can be saved to memory and instantly recalled if a site is revisited for monitoring at a later time –reducing the set-up time at the repeated location.
The transducers, connected to the PF330 instrument are attached externally to the pipe being monitored and provide 100% non-invasive flow measurement without disturbing any plant equipment or process operation.

Standard Features

  • Light-weight, hand-held instrument with large, easy to read graphic display and switchable backlighting
  • Flow range 0.33f/s to 65.6f/s bi-directional
  • Two types of transducer sets supplied for use with pipes ranging 0.51-78.7 in. outside diameter
  • 10 selectable operating languages
  • Simple to follow dual function keypad
  • Simple ‘Quick Start’ set up procedure for ease of use
  • Continuous flow monitoring, with ‘Totalized’ option
  • Data logging with up to 98k stored data points
  • Data logging can be controlled manually or set-up for fully automated operation, allowing unattended operation
  • Logged data can be viewed as text or graphically, with the ability to scroll to any stored event

What you will receive
Portaflow 330 Flow Meter Components

  • Portaflow 330 instrument with backlit graphic display.
  • Power supply – with UK, US, European adapters
  • 110/240VAC
  • Transducer cables (x2) 6.6 ft. long
  • Transducer set ‘A’ (Transducers x2)
  • Transducer set ‘B’ (Transducers x2)
  • Set of guide rails for use with ‘A’ or ‘B’ transducers
  • Transducer set ‘D’ – used for monitoring pipes of 59-196 in. diameter, over a temperature range -4°F – 176°F Kit is supplied in a separate case and includes the sensors together with ratchet straps and guide rails for attaching to the pipe
  • Magnetic guide rail
  • IP67 connectors in carrying case
  • Ruled separation bar (2-piece)
  • 4-20mA/Pulse output cable
  • USB cable and RS232-C cable
  • 2 lengths of chain each at 10.8 ft. long
  • Test block
  • Ultrasonic couplant and syringe applicator
  • Manual (on CD)

Please contact Copperstate Technical Solutions to arrange a demonstration, receive a quote on the PF330 or have any of your flow monitoring questions answered