Ultraprobe® 3000 LRM Ultrasonic Detection Kit

Complete with everything you need for digital route inspection, the Ultraprobe® 3000 LRM kit includes:

  • UP 3000 Pistol with Decibel Readout and 16 Segment Bar Graph Display Panel
  • “Spin and Click” Sensitivity/Control Dial
  • Scanning Module
  • Stethoscope (Contact) Module
  • Mini-USB I/O Port & Cable
  • Storage Entry
  • Recharge Jack
  • DHC-2HH-Heavyduty, Durable Headphones for Use With a Hard Hat
  • Zero Halliburton Carrying Case (Case specs may vary. Please contact us for details.)
  • Li Polymer Rechargeable Battery and Charger
  • Rubber Focusing Probe
  • Stethoscope Extension Kit (SLP-EXT)
  • Long Range Module

* Single application kits are available upon request. Please contact us.